Gravitational Waves

Pakistani ‘Scientist’ Claims To Have Proven Newton, Einstein Wrong

Fareed Akhtar says earth has no gravity, Newton’s laws, Gravitational waves untrue, PS: he has proof

LAHORE: (Web Desk) – Certain Pakistani scientist, named Fareed Akhtar, who claims to be an engineer has advertised a lecture in a local newspaper, inviting the ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘those in power’, to listen to his lecture in which he will prove that Newton’s Law of Gravity and the recent discovery of Gravitational Waves are completely fake.

The scientist claims that the ‘theories’ about Gravitational Waves and the laws of Newton are completely false and that there doesn’t exist anything such as gravity in Earth. He claimed that the earth has no gravity and that the reality is entirely different.

To top the curiosity, (Engineer) Fareed Akhtar claims that he can prove whatever he has claimed in just one lecture and the lecture is going to be held in Rajgarh area of Lahore.



Fareed Akhtar’s contact :

Tel.1)    0092-3003000293


Courtesy : Dunyanewstv

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