We don't need new PC

The PC is Not Dead, We Just Don’t Need New Ones

We don't need new PC

When was the last time you needed to buy a new PC? Two years ago? Three years ago? The last PC I built was in 2009. I had to upgrade because I pushed the previous one I built to the limit and that was in 2004. A 2009 desktop is old in computer years, but not so much in processing power. It maybe true that there are a zillion new processors out in the market and their benchmark show exponential improvement. But to me benchmarking is just a marketing gimmick. PC sales are plunging but they are the wrong indicator to determine the advancement of the technology. The reason we are not buying PCs anymore is because those we have are already pretty amazing.

Do you think PC makers understand this too, and are trying to adapt?.

The biggest reason for people to update their PC’s in the early years was actually the performance of their PC’s, that was lacking, and that was all. Theseday, the performance of PC’s are good enough, and newer versions of windows not asking for more from the hardware. Computer manufacturers are looking elsewhere “asthetics” , hence everyone wants an ‘ultrabook’ lighter, thinner, better battery.

Where will we be in a decade’s time?

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