Windows 8 Hacks

PC Security Study: Every 4th PC Without Virus Protection

Windows 8 Hacks

According to the fresh published safety study of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, every 4th PC is not equipped with an anti-virus security. The study was done between the July and December, 2012. Besides the simplest explanation- that the users simply don’t want to install any security software, the Microsoft finds out two other important reasons for the lack of security.

For many users, the test phase or the subscription to updates of the virus scanner could be expired and for the others group of users, it could be the hackers who themselves have disabled the virus protection software.

During the months of study, the Microsoft also noticed that an average of 24 percent of the users were either on their way in internet without any activated real-time protection or they were trusting a security solution, which was equipped with totaylly outdated virus signatures.

The data and figures of this PC Security study reveal the enormous risks, as the computers without effective virus protection were 5.5 times more likely infected by a virus infection than properly secured and protected PCs.

The best way to find out, if your PC and system has an infection in real-time is checking through your task manager option. Just open it up by pressing ctrl+alt+del keys and check the running processes tabs and applications. If you find anything doutful and suspicious like a process that you don’t know of or if it is strange and doubtful, just take notice of that fishy process and try to search in the google about the function, origin and details of that process and see how dangerous it can be for your pc security. You will definitely run into many resources where you can check and learn about the function of that suspicious file running in the background and gain more knowledge about the positivity and negativity of that particular file .

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