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What Are The Potentially Dangerous File Extensions

Viruses not only attack as an EXE file on your computers thesedays, but they also hide and mask themselves behind seemingly harmless file types such as PDF. Most viruses are started from their victims themselves. In order for this to work, the criminal virus circulators are working with absolutely clever tricks. They wrap and box the viruses in file formats that are assesed as “non-threatening” by many computer users, such as PDF documents or they hide the virus in less familiar and uncommon formats, such as SCR or PIF. The result is always the same: The user’s computer is infected.

The main dangerous file extensions will be introduced in this article so that you don’t fall prey to the tricks of virus circulators/spammers.

If you are at times not sure whether a file is harmless or not, then a virtual PC most likely will help you . The free VMware Player is suitable as a virtualization software for this purpose. Windows 7 is recommended as an operating system, which requires less RAM. You can get it online for around under 20 dollars on amazon or ebay . If those files, you start or open in the virtual Windows 7, be harmless, then you can use them already there, but if it is really a virus, then this will  remain caught up in the virtual system.

These are potentially dangerous File Extensions:

Music-Files: MP3, WMA  (normally these file formats don’t pose a threat but in the recent past the viruses were able to implant themselves as mp3 and wma files over the security-vulnerabilities in media players)


Office-Files: XLS, DOC, RTF, CO

Danger Level: High


Video-Files: AVI, MOV, MPEG

Danger Level: Very Low


Archive-Files: RAR, ZIP, 001, 002, 003

Danger Level: Very High



Danger Level: Very High


Video-Files in streaming Formats: ASF, QT, MOV.

Danger Level: Medium


Documents: PDF

Danger Level: High


Program-Files: COM and EXE

Danger Level: Very High


Pointer-Files: PIF

Danger Level: Very High


Configuration-Files: REG

Danger Level: Low


Image-Files: GIF, JPG and Co.

Danger Level: Very Low


Screen-Saver: SCR

Danger Level: High


Script-Files: VBS

Danger Level: High


Malicious and damaging software is contained in the above types of files and they should be opened with great care and caution. If you do not know where a file came from or if it did not come from a credible or trusted source, do not open it otherwise you will be the next victim.

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