Powerful Emotions: How Love Changes People

Marina abramovic and her then boyfriend Ulay broke up in the 1970’s, and then more than 30 years later, Marina held a live art performance. She spent one minute in silence with complete strangers. One specific man captured her attention in a special way. It turned out that the man was Ulay. This reunion of two Ex-lovers after 30 years is full of powerful emotions.

It is a strange thing you meet someone you did have relationship with ages ago and you have not seen them since the break up. First it is “isn’t she standing there?”, if your memory and eyes serves you right, a slight hesitation and you forward, just confirm that they are no hard feelings. Your memory winds up the entire thing in your eyes.

At the same time, you are the lawyer, the attorney and the judge and you think of it was the right thing to do back then… From the very first moment to the last goodbye, all the good things and all the bad things. You got a lot’s of things to say but no words.

And you know that the connection once you had, is gone and those memories you both had, are buried in a chest in a forgotten island far away, so much has changed and there is no return. There are walls around you both now, too hard to break up them. You regret the opening, “Hi, how are you?” as it is cheesy like a line from a B-movie.

Powerful Emotions: 30 Years Apart, Then One Minute In Silence (Video)


You discuss family things, what you do for work and trivial things like that, still you miss to say the most important on your mind. I mean how hard it is to say, “I have been missing you”? You have said that in your mind a countless time and still failed it. After a long look in the eyes and a gentle goodbye hug, you walk away while you are turning your head and you know that it was for the very last time, the girl you used to know have changed, as you have. Your memory is astray all the rest of the day, thinking about would have happened if you did not break up and looking out through that window at work, on your home with no focus. But next day or week, depends on your emotions, a new day, where you have to deal it’s problems and life goes on… and on!

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