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Project Glass: Google is Looking For Testers For its Data-Display Glasses

Google Glasses

The googles project glasses are now ready to wear in real life. The google is currently looking for the first testers for its project glasses only in the United States. These innovative Data-Display glasses work on google’s very own Android Operating System. Testing the google Project Glass has one problem because as a tester you will have to be willing to pay Google $1,500  for the privilege of being on the cutting edge of the amazing technology.

These internet-connected project glasses are placed a little above the eye, not exactly in line with the eye, so it does not disturb the regular activities for which you normally use your eye. It has a small transparent screen on which informations can be displayed. Google project glass is eqiupped with a small HD camera and a flash. It can be connected to Smartphone via Bluetooth and has a voice input and output. The touchpad is located at the side and the battery box at the rear end of the glasses.

Google Glass is a very prestigious project which is personally looked after by its Co-founder Sergey Brin who wants to integrate the internet more closely via Google Glasses end to end in the everyday life than its the case with smartphones. As a response to google, microsoft is also developing augmented reality glasses for which the microsoft has already been awarded a patent. The microsoft will display information from a live event on their unique lenses , providing the wearer with an augmented reality display to improve their outernet, truely a real world experience.

Folks who are interested in testing the google project glasses, may apply online on a google’s new website. However, its not yet known how many devices will be offered by google for testing purpose.

How these Google project glasses work in the everyday life, the video below will show you in detail:

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