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Project Loon: Google Tests Internet Connection From The Air Balloon

Google has launched up to now a secret project in New Zealand which is named as Project Loon. The search giant wants to bring the Internet to every corner of the earth with its network of internet-powered-balloons in the sky. For the first test 30 superpressure balloons were launched in the vicinity of Lake Tekapo in the South Island of New Zealand. From here they will drift around the world on a reserved path. Fifty household-testers are to test this 3G-Like Speed technology offered by the attached equipment. The very 1st user of the “Google Balloon Internet” was a farmer and entrepreneur Charles Nimmo from the small town of Leeston. His internet connection stayed for 15 minutes before the broadcast balloon floated out of reach.

Charles Nimmo said about his Google Balloon Internet experience, “It’s been weird, But it’s been exciting to be part of something new.”

The project leader Mike Cassidy said, “It’s a huge moonshot, a really big goal to go after. The power of the Internet is probably one of the most transformative technologies of our time.”. he further said, “We had believed that it can work. Now we know it.”

Each Google balloon is expected o provide Internet service for an area twice the size of New York City, or about 780 square miles, and because of the Balloon’s high altitude, rocky and bumpy terrains and areas are not a problem. These Internet-Powered google balloons could even beam the Internet into Pakistan’s steep-sided and curving Khyber Pass.

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