Psycho Smashification

Psycho Smashification : Don’t Buy Things You Simply Cannot Afford

Woman cannot afford to pay off her car and is upset that it’s being towed. Maybe she missed a payment…or 10. Watch what happens when she attempts to get away. Make sure you watch it all the way through to see the absolute craziness! She apparently has rear wheel drive so with it off the ground she ain’t going any where.

This is what happens when your car costs more than your house. Most probably she won’t have to pay for any of that. She will claim the white bank unfairly targeted her for her 30%APR loan that she could not pay back and some judge will rule against the bank.

This Psycho Smashification occured in south carolina where the cops are hunting for this woman who flipped out when a tow truck driver came to repossess her luxury SUV on Sunday. Its priceless to watch this woman smash the glass windows, then step in the broken glass with her bare feet. And do it all for the camera so she can enjoy some time in jail.

Psycho Smashification : (More Details)

Lakeisha Smith allegedly bit the tow truck driver who used his cell phone to record the woman smash out the windows of the Cadillac Escalade during the wild ordeal on a Spartanburg street, WYFF-TV reported.

The driver, who works for Mission Towing and Recovery, had just hoisted the rear end of the black SUV on his rig when Smith attacked, the local NBC affiliate reported.

“We knew she was going crazy cause she was already in the vehicle,” Kristina Ray, who watched the wild ordeal, told the news station.

“She was spinning tires, blowing smoke. It was insane.”

Smith tried to drive the vehicle off the lift, but eventually gave up and crawled to the backseat.

Suddenly, Smith started smashing out the rear windows of the SUV with a tire iron she grabbed from the back of the vehicle.

“It was terrifying,” Ray said.

Smith began pulling out several belongings, including papers stuffed in compartments near the front seats, the video shows.

She then uses the tire iron to bust the passenger’s side window before she walked away.
Police said they were still looking for Smith late Monday. She will likely be charged with assault and battery, police said.

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