Quadcopter Flying Lessons

How To Fly A Quadcopter: Quadcopter Flying Lessons

The fascination of flying drones continues without any limits. These remote-controlled flying objects monitor company premises, discover structural defects in buildings, replace expensive helicopter flights in film productions or take over the spy plane’s mission in full and gives high level of enjoyment. At the same time more and more young hobby pilots are joining in as these unmanned flying objects can be easily controlled per smartphone or even tablet. Thanks to built-in HD cameras, you can experience the flight in full swing, record it and share the video with other flight enthusiasts or your friends.

This video tutorial will teach you to help you learn how to fly, turn and practice different great ideas of aerial flight maneuver your Quadcopter. Horizontal translational flying is not obvious to most people and will aslo be taught here.

We’ll start the lesson with simple out and back flying, progress through rudder turns, and complete the lesson with an intro to banked turning.

Quadcopter Flying Lessons video: Learn To Do More Than Just Hover Your Quadcopter

Basics you must know: Do’s and Don’t Do’S

  • Don’t fly your drone beyond your line of sight
  • You have to fly your drone below 400 feet at all times
  • Don’t fly near any manned aircraft
  • Don’t fly within 5 miles of any airport
  • Don’t fly for payment or commercial services unless you’ve been authorized to do so by the FAA
  • Don’t fly within 25 feet of people
  • Between an hour before and after an event, all aircraft aren’t allowed less than 3,000 feet above and within three miles of stadiums
  • Don’t fly anything that weighs more than 55 pounds
  • Do fly with local drone clubs
  • Don’t conduct surveillance or photograph people without their permission in areas where there is an expectation of privacy
  • Don’t be reckless
  • Do inspect your drone before you fly
  • Do fly with local drone clubs

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