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Rare Apple-1 Computer With Steve Job’s Signature Sells For $671,000

One of Apple’s first fully functioning computers, model 1976, a rare Apple-1 Computer, has been sold for a record US$ 671,000. The rare Apple-1 computer sold Saturday in a Breker auction house in Germany, which was assembled by Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the year 1976 in a family garage. According to the Auction house Breker, an asian client (who wished to remain anonymous) bought this first computer. The Breker also says that this Apple-1 Computer is one of the only six known remaining functioning models in the world.

The Auction house Breker already sold one of the same rare kind of computer for $640,000 last year. But this time the Breker broke the previous record price of 640,000 U.S. dollars for an apple-1 machine. This Apple-1 computer sold Saturday includes an old business transaction letter from the late Jobs and bears jobs and Wozniak’s signature.

Steve Jobs and Wozniak

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak working on their Apple-1 Computer in a family garage in 1976.

Bob Luther who is the author of the book, “The First Apple,” told that there were only 200 of Apple-1 computers built and all of the 200 came out of the garage of Steve Jobs.

The extremely high price  $671,000 could be explained by the rarity of the machine, coupled with a fascination of the people for the commencements of the computer age.

Working With the Rare Apple-1 Computer:

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