Super Clever Sunglass Illusion

Ray-Ban Eyeglasses: An Interesting Super Clever Sunglass Illusion Ad

here you are going to watch a small movie of Ray-Ban eyewear manufacturer, adding some nice optical illusions. One seeks in vain for the advertising message here or what the ad-maker wants to tell us here regarding the Ray-Ban sunglasses? but the truth is that such optical illusions are interesting and fascinating mind-games that captivate us in full swing. Illusions concerning 2-dimensional objects that appear to be 3D actually trick and deceive our brain by using distorted images created at different specific angles. There are also great street artists out there who have been drawing objects on the streets sidewalks appearing to have 3 dimensions on 2 dimension surfaces for a long time. You might have seen them and enjoyed those moments. Some are better at it than others. It is actually the projection technique that sidewalk artists use to make it seem like their drawings are three-dimensional when viewed from a specific angle.

This videos shows a very clever use of anamorphic photographs in an advert for sun glasses. The technique of using images warped to appear correctly from the right perspective can be used for some truly amazing visual effects. Enjoy

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