Runtastic – Android App is a Must For Endurance Sportsmen


Runtastic Android App is a must for all endurance Sportsmen who want to record and analyze their accurate and exact results , daily training averages and keep an eye on their whole training outcome and ups and downs in their training sessions. The performance of this App has been taken to a new level .

Runtastic is the perfect tracking tool for your Android phone. The app records the distance travelled, shows your current speed, the average speed and your consumed calories using GPS.

You have the choice to select  other sports such as horse riding, mountain-biking, skiing  or cycling as well. If you want to load your training results/scores directly on to Facebook or to twitter  after having completed your training session, then you can do so by using this Runtastic Android App very easily.

Using built in live tracking option, you can share your location with friends on Facebook and with users on the fitness forum. Runtastic Android App additionally provides you a pulse runtastic zone training with individually configurable speech output and one more best thing about this app is that it provides you all the important information about your workout goal and targets by voice output.

The Runtastic version 3.2 also provides you with the ability to measure your heart frequency rate via its ideal accessories. furthermore, you can view the time as a parameter. You really need this app as a sportsmen/Athelete. This tool is ideal for you if you want to improve your training performances and get hold of your training targets and achievements. The great amount of cool features now provide you with even more fun during your regular workouts and training sessions. So enjoy it in full swing and have a lot of fun with your training.

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