Runtastic Orbit : The NEW 24-Hour Wearable From Runtastic

Runtastic, an Austrian based compnay that develops fitness-tracking-Apps, has launched its first fitness wearable into the Market, It is called “Orbit”. You can wear it on your wrist or fasten the device to your clothes or waist with the help of a detachable Clip. Orbit offers wide range of functions and advanced features. It not only tracks your activity but also inactivity and tracks your steps, calculates your calorie consumption, sleep patterns, ambient lights and indicates how many minutes you were active during the course of a day.

In addition to jogging, you can also use Runtastic Orbit for swmming because it is waterproof upto 300 feet.
Runtastic OrbitIt automatically vibrates when it feels that you have been inactive for too long and also wakes you up in the morning. By pressing a button, it switches into sleep mode and then it starts analyzing the stages of your sleep and tells you how well you slept and how long you were asleep the last night.The results can be then seen in the new Runtastic Orbit App “Me” (available via iOS and Android). It has a built-in Bluetooth Smart function which wirelessly syncs your data with either an Android or iOS app. You can also see how many miles you have traveled during the day. The desired target for the day can be set in the app.

It is available in 7 different colors and can be bought directly from Runtastic for $120.

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