Samsung Gear S- A Wrist Smartphone

Samsung Gear S : A Smartphone That Fits On Your Wrist

The Samsung Gear S is the next generation smart wearable device that expands the smartphone experience to the wrist. It delivers an up-to-date smart wearable experience with 3G connectivity and wearable optimized features to meet the evolving needs of consumers.
[ Design ]

Samsung Gear S boasts an industry-leading Super AMOLED curved display to offer an incredible, easy to use and beautiful UI that fits comfortably on the wrist.

Its curved 2-inch Super AMOLED display fits comfortably around the contours of the wrist, while customizable displays and changeable straps empower users to feely express their own taste and style.

The Samsung Gear S also provides easy access to relevant information through essential widgets and combined notification boards.

[ Truly Connected to Stay in Communication ]

Samsung Gear S extends communication capabilities to include 3G as well as Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity helping users to be truly connected and stay in communication.

3G connectivity allows consumers to directly make and accept calls, or receive and respond to messages and emails.

The Samsung Gear S lets users stay on top of what’s happening around them with seamless notifications for messages, social networks, calendars and applications even when away from a smartphone.

The device’s on screen keyboard and enhanced S voice functionality allow for easy text input to complete tasks while on-the go.

[ Enhanced Features and Powerful Applications ]

The Samsung Gear S is empowering users to stay connected with the world around them with extended features and powerful native and 3rd party applications optimized for a robust wearable experience – with or without their smartphone.
The powerful features include turn-by-turn navigation for pedestrians, news services, music capabilities, etc.

The perfect health and fitness companion, the Samsung Gear S features more enhanced multi-sensors, as well as a built-in GPS and S Health so users can keep track of their activities more accurately to stay fit.

Also with the new Samsung Gear Circle, when paired with a smartphone, users can easily receive calls, listen to music, and make voice commands in style through a Bluetooth connection. It features a magnetic lock which clasps around the user’s neck when not in use, as well as a vibrate function to signal incoming calls and notifications.

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