samsung see through safety truck

Samsung See-Through Safety Truck

samsung see through safety truckSamsung Argentina makes big trucks transparent in the name of road safety and introduces a new technology to save lives and limit the accidents caused by overtking. According to the statistic, almost one person dies every hour due to traffic accidents in Argentina.

It is normally caused there by drivers who try to overtake in a single lane road. Samsungs’s “see through” Semi-truck captures the driver’s eye view from the front and projects the oncomming front traffic onto the rear of the truck to to let the other drivers from behind see through the road and overtake when it is safe.

This idea is innovative and fantastic for overtaking specially at night. Now you can see through that truck in front of you day and night and drive much less stressed.  A car crash death every hour is a tragic stats in Argentina indeed, so let us hope this technology does take off and saves life. The video below has gone viral in a short period with over 1,6 million views so far.

Samsung See-Through Safety Truck (Video)

samsung see through safety truck

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