Scientists Develop Blood Swimming ‘Microspiders’ to Heal Injuries

nanobots body streaming

A new medical breakthrough has begun, the Scientists from Pennsylvania  State are  going to release tiny quick spiders into human blood not to let them suck human blood but to let  these little less than a micrometer wide designed spider-machines travel through  the  viens to deliver drugs and a small amount of TLC to the afflicted areas.

These tiny spiders are made of half gold and half silica with a self-propelling thrust caused by a  the Grubbs catalyst, which can be directinally  controlled by scientists using chemicals. These tiny spiders are still in the initial phases, Ayusman Sen,  the top scientists  at Penn State hopes positively to one day attach the little jiggy crawlers to nanobots, which could move through the body to identify and hit upon tumors, helping the immune system and washing vessels clean of plaque. Thanks to modern technology without which this could not have been possible.

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