Scientists in Search of Ways to Generate Electricity Through Walking

human energy

The human body is actually a natural energy generator. The American researchers have come up with a new technology that will be able to generate electricity enough to power gadgets just through motion.

The process is called kinetic charging and it is already used in some devices that do not require a lot of power to work such as watches.

The researchers found that whilst a human was in full sprint they would be able to potentially generate around a kilowatt of power. Which according to the scientists from the US, would be enough to power a mobile phone.

A similar type of technology is already being used in some Tokyo train stations where the vibrations of passing commuters are turned into electricity. The power that is generated is then fed back and is used to power some of the electrical appliances in the station including the train doors.

The researchers from the US are now looking at ways that they will practically be able to take the energy harnessed from the feet and then feed this to the mobile phone. At the moment they are trying to look at wireless solutions.

via: acovi

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