Secret firefox shortcuts

5 Secret Firefox Shortcuts You Probably Don’t Know

Secret firefox shortcuts

Many valuable tricks of the firefox browser are not known by firefox lovers, even the veterans probably do not know every trick of the firefox browser. thats why most of the hotkeys are relatively unknown. Many effective and practical hotkeys can often be found out only by accident. You will have to look for these secret firefox shortcuts to save your time but this time i will take the work on my shoulders and put them in front of you.

1. Activating the Menu bar

Firefox has given up with the menu bar for some time, which provided the “Edit “,”Tools” and “File” options. But if you want to fetch this bar simply and quickly, just press the Alt key. Afterwards you can move on with the arrow keys through the menu or you reach for the mouse. Pressing again on the Alt key lets the the menu bar then disappear.

2. Shifting to the “Private Mode” (Key Combination => CTRL-Shift-P):

The private mode is basically used, NOT to produce any Internet traces on your own computer. Since the browser in this mode does not gives out or outputs cookies, the computer is not recognized by most websites. You can switch to private mode via Ctrl-Shift-P. If you want to go back to normal mode again then repeat this key combination.

3. Opening the “Bookmarks” as side bar ( CTRL-B):

You can open the Bookmarks as a side bar by using the key combination CTRL-B. It contains all the bookmarks from the Bookmarks Bar.

4. Enter Any Character and Start Quick Search:

If you intend to browse the contents of a website after a word, you simply tap the appropriate word, regardless of where the cursor is currently located on the website. In connection with this, the “Quick search” opens itself beolw, which highlights the first reference of the word on the website. However, this does not work on all the websites. If,

5. Opening the “Start Page” or “Home” through Alt-Pos1:

The Start page of the browser open with Alt-Pos1 or simply “Home” key. Using Alt-XE key under “Home” you can find out which page it is.

The other useful key combinations (Shortcuts ) for firefox browser are given below:

Add Bookmarks ctrl + d
Bookmarks ctrl + b
DOM Inspector ctrl + shift + i
Downloads ctrl + j
Full Screen View f11
Help f1
History ctrl + h
Page Source ctrl + u
Print ctrl + p
Refresh Page f5
Refresh Page & Cache ctrl + f5
Save Page As ctrl + s
Private Browsing ctrl + shift + p
Find Again f3
Find in This Page ctrl + f
Find Previous shift + f3
Open new tab window ctrl + t
Tab to next window ctrl + tab
Tab to previous window ctrl + shift + tab
New Window ctrl + n
Close Window alt+f4
Close tab window ctrl + w
Clear Your Cache ctrl + shift + del


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