google self driving cars

Self-Driving Car Research Moves A Few Steps Further

According to the automotive supplier Continental, the first self-driving cars could already be underway in 2016 on the highways. Continental Executive Elmar Degenhart says, “If the technical developments keep proceeding in this rate, the partial automation until then is definitely possible. In the near future it should be possible to comfortably answer e-mails, flipping through the newspaper or watching a video.”

In the year 2016 it will be possible to drive up to 30 miles per hour automatically.

google self driving cars

The three challenges, the Google is facing in it’s mission to make a driverless or self-Driving Car are the following:

1. The google self-driving cars have trouble understanding when traffic cops direct traffic with hand signals.

2. These cars have difficulties detecting lane markers when there is snow on the road.

3.  The self-driving cars can get lost when they come to changes in the road that are not present on the map.


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