send anywhere

Send Anywhere: Safest, Unlimited, Instant and Simple File Transfer

Share your photo, video, contacts, apps or any files, any folders easily and quickly. You can send files between your phone and other Android/iPhone/iPad or web site. No user account. Just enter one-time key to receive files.

Send Anywhere: (Details)

Send anywhere is a must have app that helps you share files with your friends and family in the most secure way possible on iOS and Android devices.

With this app, you don’t have to upload a file on a cloud service making it vulnerable to hacking by some nerd with brute force of codes. It is a peer-to-peer sharing platform that helps you share files directly to a particular user without a server based middleman.

Interestingly, skipping a server is not the only utility of this app as it also doesn’t require you to sign-up for the service. It means you can use the service without giving in your Facebook account details or even your email id.

How it works?

To initiate a file transfer, select a file and hit the Send button. You’ll then be given a six-digit code and QR code to send to your recipient. When you first get the codes to share, you’ll see a 10-minute timer counting down; at the end of 10 minutes, the codes expire. On the receiving end, you’ll need the Send Anywhere mobile app to enter the temporary six-digit code or to scan the QR code on iOS or Android devices or the Web app or Chrome app on a PC or Mac.


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