Send SMS From Your Friend’s Mobile Number

Want to make your friends astonished? Its something new and funny and such service exists so lets start. Sending SMS from your friend’s mobile number can be a great trick.

It may sound difficult but it is really easy one. You can follow the steps given below to send SMS from your friend’s mobile number.

So check it now

  • Follow all of the steps and soon you will receive your password on your
  • mobile and email.
  • Now login to your account and click on Send SMS to Number
  • A new page will open where you will have to enter the message, number  on which you wanna send the SMS and the Sender ID From as shown in the image above. Now, just enter the message, number on which to send SMS and the mobile number of any of your friend in the Sender ID From and send the SMS.
  • Using this way, the SMS will be sent from the given number of your friend.

send sms from any number


Plus Point:

Clean as original message, no service number sender and no signatures, appears to be genuine.

Minus Point:

Only 25 Free SMS available for use. So only if you have more Sim Cards then you can use them too to avail this service.

this method should not be used for any kind of illegal activity which can cause problem to others. Have Fun 🙂


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