How to Share Laptop Internet Connection with Android Phones, iPhones

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Internet is now used literally everywhere. Most people use Internet through PC or laptop; but now they can also use it on their iphone or Android phones. You can share your Laptop’s wired/wireless internet connection with other gadgets like Android phones and iphones that support Wi-Fi.

You don’t need to get any professional help; you can do it by yourself easily with some easily available software.

Software to Share Laptop Internet Connection with iPhone and Android phones

Connectify – This advanced software helps to share highly sophisticated WI-Fi and create a wireless connectify hotspot.

Any gadget that supports Wi-Fi can join that hotspot.

Virtual router – This abstract object is managed by Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol and plays the role of a default router for the host on a shared Local Area Network or LAN.

Sharing wired Laptop Internet with WI-Fi enabled gadgets

Sharing wired and wireless Laptop Internet connection with any gadgets such as iphones or Android phones can be easily done with connectify or virtual router.

Both of them work in the similar manner. Although there are some other methods too, yet this is the easiest of all.

How to troubleshoot while sharing Laptop internet connection with iPhone and Android phones

If you are not able to share Internet with your WI-Fi enabled gadget, try to follow the below-mentioned tips for troubleshooting.

  • Disable firewall or the anti-virus installed on your computer
  • Stop the hotspot and restart
  • Stop the hotspot process through task manager
  • Disable WI-Fi on your gadget and then enable it
  • Make sure the WI-Fi card you are using is supported by hotspot

When it comes to the latest development in information technology and communication, it would not be possible without Internet. We often have access to the internet on our laptops but we don’t have internet connection on your iphones.

Sharing wired or wireless Laptop Internet connection with iphone, android phones and other Wi-Fi supported gadgets is not challenging and you can do it by your own, without professional assistance.

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