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Skype For Web: Make Voice And Video Calls From Your Browser

skype for webMicrosoft improves Skype clients with new features on a regular basis. Annoying client downloads and extra software on the PC are now a thing of the past. And thanks to a new update released Saturday, the service becomes available to many more users, no matter the platform powering their devices. The company introduced Skype for Web, a new service that allows everyone to chat with friends, family, and other Skype contacts without installing anything.

Everything works in your browser, and the familiar modern Skype interface loads up entirely without any download required.

As is the case with the downloadable Skype client, it’s enough to log in with your Microsoft account or Skype credentials and you’re good to go, benefiting from the same familiar look and features that are available in apps on Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile platforms.

obviously the new service is available free of charge and everyone can access it by simply pointing their browsers to and logging in with their accounts. Microsoft says that Skype for web is only available to a limited number of users and will be gradually release to more people in the coming weeks. Everyone should be able to access it, no matter the browser as Skype for web currently supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome on Windows, Firefox and Safari.

Additionally the company says that whichever browser you prefer, can be used to access the new service. In the future using Skype on the web will become even easier and convenient. Imagine you wanted to meet your child’s teacher or conduct and online interview with a potential candidate, you will be able to chat over Skype directly from the browser in just a click. With web RTC there won’t be any downloads or installs. You can just get straight to your conversation using Skype for web.

Try it yourself  here =>  Skype For Web

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