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Skype Group Video Chat Is Now Free For Everybody

Skype free video group chat and conference

A good news for Skype lovers, The Skype group video chat is now FREE for everybody. Microsoft’s Skype announced yesterday that it is now offering free group video. The skype video chat between two users was free but when more than two participants or gropus wanted to communicate with each other via webcam and voip phone calls, they had to pay additional premium charges to use this facility and this feature had been available for several years but as a paid Premium feature only. Now Microsoft has removed this fee again and announced in its official Skype blog to provide video group chat for all users on Windows, OS X, and on the Xbox One absolutely for free which makes the group conversations even easier. 

Skype Group Video Chat Is Now Free For Everybody :

Skype supports video conferencing feature for a 3 to maximum of 10 individuals. The GM for consumer marketing Mr. Phillip Snalune posted on the Skype blog that.“While Skype is known for one-to-one video calling, we know it’s also essential to connect with the groups of people who matter most, whether friends, family or colleagues,”.

In the past, at least 1 caller needed an $9.00 per month Skype Premium subscription to arrange a group video chat with his friends, relatives, colleagues and loved ones. On the other hand Google Hangouts has offered group video calling for free for several years already and this interesting announcement brings Skype in line with Google Hangouts making group communications simple, easy and fun for everyone now and in the years to come. In additionthe new mobile versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone will also follow shortly. When exactly the new mobile versions of Skype will be enabled, is still unknown as the company has not yet  provided any more details about the rollout schedule.

This short video below will teach you how to make a group video call over Skype for Windows Desktop.


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