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California State to Require Smartphone Kill Switches

smartphone kill switches

A kill switch for smartphones is demanded already by some circles for a long time. If a smartphone is lost, you could make it unusable over a centralized location. The Golden state is assured to be the first in the USA to require software to jam and shutdown looted smartphones. According to this law passed by the state of California senate, every smartphone has to be equipped with a kill switch. The Smartphone manufacturers are bound from next year Juli 2015 to install this function so that the user has the opportunity to be able to make his personal device useless via remote access and delete all data if his smartphone is lost or stolen.

Smartphone Kill Switches : (Video)

The Oakland police chief Sean whent said, that “If we can make it a disincentive to take the cell phone, then there’s a very good likelihood we’ll see a bigger reduction in those crimes.”

The district attorney George Gascon have given the smartphone manufacturers a June 2015 deadline to find key solutions to control smartphone robbery. He also said on this occasion that it’s going to take some time for the thieves on the street to understand that the phones that they are stealing will no longer be marketable.

well, it is questionable whether such smartphone kill switches would actually change anything on the robbery stylesand manners.


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