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Smartphones to constitute 75pc of world’s Internet use by 2017: report

Zenith, an agency has forecast that 75 percent of Internet users across the globe would be accessing their content of desire through smart phones by 2017.

According to an estimate of the agency, the figure is slightly higher than that of 2016 which is 71 percent.

A digital media executive said that Internet use rose 30 percent in the last four years from 40 percent to 70 percent which was humungous.

According to the digital media expert, telecommunication companies are pushed to amalgamate digital distribution and the content to survive in the years when mobile data consumption is rising.

Opinions of different digital media experts was endorsed by move of AT&T when it announced recently that it was planning to purchase Time Warner, a media company for around $85.4 billion.

The purchase, it said aimed at diversification into distribution of content to tap into fresh markets.

It should be noted here that besides AT&T, Verizon Communication has also proposed to buy Internet company, Yahoo Inc.

The companies are attempting to cater to marketers by leveraging user data for wider ad campaigns.

Coutesy: Dunyanewstv

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