SOCIAL NETWORK By Beomseok Yang: The Virtual Life Full of Colours

This short film SOCIAL NETWORK By Beomseok Yang gives the impression that its all right to go through life consumed by social media, instead of just experiencing life. That guy in this video sends a friend request to the girl on the escalator passing by without even saying hello to her. It clearly shows both the good and bad side of social networks which allows you to get to know lots of people easily, but when you are not in it anymore, you are out of the game and no one knows you anymore, you feel worthless, lonely and sad. Its regrettable to know that the life thesedays starts and ends with social networks and the quality of our virtual lives are based on how many friends and followers we have in our virtual world. But on the other side, that’s all quite understandable. Probably the world around us is not so beautiful for our youth anymore.

Playgrounds are crammed and becoming scarce. We have adults who beat each other’s brains out. On the streets you can not play because schizophrenic motorists make the road unsafe. The continuous rise in prices, the shortages of houses and the children grow up in a flat or a house with a garden the size of a little green carpet. All this causes our youth to be frustrated sometimes and they try to search for a way out of this mess and turn to social media networking to express their dissatisfaction. The guy’s phone drops at the end and he sees the reality around him, the crazy busy life of others. It is really upsetting. but the music that repeats at the end of this video makes it seem too happy and perfect of a social networking world.

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