Solar Suitcase: This Suitcase is Saving Women’s Lives

Solar Suitcase

A solar suitcase that can save a women’s life. This yellow angel portable “Solar Suitcase” is made to fight against maternal mortality in the developing world. This solar suitcase is providing reliable electricity to clinics in 17 countries where healthcare workers previously made strenuous efforts to provide emergency obstetric care by the light of candles, flashlights and mobile phones.

The Solar Suitcase powers, computers, medical LED lights, headlamps, mobile phones and other important medical devices.

The award-winning WE CARE Solar Suitcaseis an economical, easy-to-use portable power unit that provides health workers with highly efficient medical lighting and power for mobile communication, computers and medical devices. The WE CARE Solar Suitcase was originally designed to support timely and efficient emergency obstetric care, but can be used in a range of medical and humanitarian settings.

The system includes high-efficiency LED medical task lighting, a universal cell phone charger, a battery charger for AAA or AA batteries, and outlets for 12V DC devices. The basic system comes with 40 or 80 watts of solar panels, and a 12 amp-hour sealed lead-acid battery. An expansion kit is available for utilizing larger batteries.

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