Spinnakr: Targeted Messaging on Your Website

Spinnakr makes displaying targeted messaging on your website a reality for regular people — from startups and power bloggers to international brands. They are building an app that’s simple and fun to use, but powerful enough to transform how business is done online.

Your website looks the same to everyone, but different people are looking for different things. Spinnakr makes it easy to reach them by helping companies create customized marketing messages. Spinnakr helps websites display different messages to different kinds of visitors.

“The way we think about the world is that there is all this big data out there. Analytics are getting smarter, better and more real time. And they’re not used at all to power mostly the things that we do. Our theory is that they should be used to power everything. Every website should unlock all this data that they already know about visitors and use them to present targeted calls to action,” explains Adam Bonnifield, co-founder of Spinnakr. “Our thesis is that different visitors are different.”

With Spinnakr, you can target your website’s visitors to triple clicks & conversions.

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