Live a Life Worth Living

Live a Life Worth Living : Four Steps to Overcome a Traumatic Setback

Failure to overcomeCelebrate the effort, not the result. Failures and defeats are facts and inevitable parts of life. It is unrealistic and impossible to sail through the life without experiencing some kind of failure. Unfortunately, some people don’t really live at all because they live so cautiously that they go nowhere.

Many tasks and challenges for which we have the abilities and skills, we simply do not undertake, only for one reason because we are so afraid to fail. Our fear of failure paralyzes us and prevents us from using our potential successfully. It is all about learning from the experience, without allowing it to be an excuse on why we can not continue.

And it is entirely up to us to decide how to think about and look at our failiures. We can choose to see failure as the end of the world, or we can look at failure as an extra ordinary learning experience.

Live a Life Worth Living : Four Steps to Overcome a Traumatic Setback (Video)

That all depend on how we think about our failures and what does it mean for us if we make a mistake. How do we overcome a setback when it totally wrecks our confidence? Remember: Nobody is flawless. Defeats and failures can also teach us things about ourselves that we would never have learned otherwise. Watch the above video to learn four steps from Dr. Cathy Collautt to get back in the game after a serious setback.

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