Study Shows That Boys Like Android, Girls Like iPhone

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Research shows that Boys like to purchase Android and the girls prefer to buy an iPhone, this interesting data about mobile phone users in the U.S. for starters, has just now been released by Nielsen, their data found that nearly 30% of U.S. mobile subscribers are using smartphones running full operating systems and amongst those users owning a smartphone,

the iPhone currently rakes in a 27.9% market-share, Android 22.7%, BlackBerry 27.4% and Windows Mobile 14%.

But here is where it gets really interesting for us.

According to this new data, amongst women who plan on buying a new smartphone, the greater majority prefer to purchase an iPhone to an Android device. Yet, amongst males, more men plan to purchase an Android phone over an iPhone – although this is by a slight margin. So is it true? Do Girls generally prefer iPhones and boys prefer Android devices?

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