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Surf Anonymously : Use Google Without Being Recognised/Detected the best private search engine

StartPage is a great initiative by Ixquick. It works the same way as Google. All you need to do is: Just go into your URL bar and type “” and you can surf the internet like Google does. But, What makes StartPage better than other search engines around? and what’s the difference between Google and StartPage search engine?  Many people are uncomfortable with the data-collection-greed of Google. The search engine giant google saves and stores your preferences and search-habits and fits their advertisements accordingly for you and collects your data. But here is how you can protect yourself:

The website picks up very similar results as to what Google would pick up. but the difference is that doesn’t log your IP address and supports 256 bit SSL. A really cool part about is its proxy tool. For example, lets say you wanted to view the American  NASA website, enter NASA into the search engine, then click “proxy”. This will then take you into their website through a secure proxy server. However, keep in mind that it will disable Java.

If you have visited any online electronic store which operates its advertising on a google’s large network, then you must have noticed that only having visited that online store for only one time, you get the advertising (in the form of google ads banners) of the same electronic store displayed on the other websites you visit as well even after weeks later.

If you want to disclose google, only a little information about yourself, then you should directly begin with the seach engine ( This can also be used anonymouly which goes over the and transmits only your questions and querries but gives NO information about your system to google at all.

The owner of this site refer as “The most discreetest search engine in the world”.
Neither the IP address of your PC nor other identifying features of the system, such as the Internet browser used, screen resolution, installed plug-ins, or enabled features are stored and transmitted. The government is already spying on people’s internet activities and the is the world’s most private, discreet and cautious search engine you can use to surf anonymously and comfortably online. The StartPage has already earned Gold Award for its popularity. for more detailed information please check the Company’s video below:

Surf Anonymously with : Informative Video Below


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