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Hackers Attack on Yahoo : More than 450,000 Passwords Stolen

Ars Techtica reported that a hacker group has stolen more than 450,000 sensitive log-in data including Yahoo email addresses and passwords. The group presented the informatoion in internet as a proof . According to the information contained in that document, a hacker group “D33Ds Company” is behind this Hackers Attack on Yahoo.

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Hotmail Now Let You Recover Deleted Emails

Do you know about the Hotmail’s Recover Deleted Emails feature yet? If not then the instructions below will guide you about how you can recover your deleted messages in Hotmail if you need them back.

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Full Keyboard Shortcut List for Window Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail is now updated with some enhancements and new features like, right click support, keyboard shortcuts for better navigation,   select all, etc which make a lot of ease for Hotmail users. Try them and save your time.

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