Galapagos Islands Google Street View

The Amazing Galapagos Islands: Google Street View in The Pacific Paradise

With Google’s service you can now walk virtually over the Galapagos Islands and even go diving on their coasts. The Galapagos Islands have now been mapped by Google Street View for the 1st time, granting virtual explorers an exceptional access to Charles Darwin’s biological paradise. Blue Ocean, the rupturing Sunrays at the clear surface of water, a troop of sea lions swimming around. These are the pictures from paradise and now they can be seen on Google Street View. The additional service of google Maps have reached the pacific ocean , more precisely, the Galapagos Islands, located 1000 kilometers west of The Ecuador. The major part of the amazing Galapagos Islands are strictly under protection of Nature Conservation agency. The Galapagos Islands belong now to UNESCO World Heritage nature Site, therefore, tourism here is strictly controlled. but at least virtually, it is now freely available for you to visit and explore this 360 degree tour as much as you can.

Mr. Raleigh Seamster, The Direct project lead for Google Earth Outreach, wrote in his exclusive blog post. “Now, you can visit the islands from anywhere you may be, and see many of the animals that Darwin experienced on his historic and groundbreaking journey in 1835, The extensive Street View imagery of the Galapagos Islands will not only allow armchair travelers to experiences the islands from their desktop computer, but it will also play an instrumental role in the ongoing research of the environment, conservation, animal migration patterns, and the impact of tourism on the islands.”

Galapagos Islands Google Street View

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