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The Buddy Cup: Crazy Beer Glasses That Connect To Facebook

Its getting crazier than ever before. The Budweiser Brazil just tested and launched the Buddy Cup last wednesday, a cup integrated with Facebook. Simply when two people toast with their cups, they become friends. It is created by Agencia Africa in partnership with Bolha, a digital innovation studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil and also tested there. Facebook is everywhere. T-shirts, Pot cloths and now the Buddy Cup. More and more fan items find their way to the shops. Facebook seems to be so popular that the facebook junkies don’t even want to abstain from giving status updates and clicking at the Facebook “Like” button even outside of the digital world.

budweise buddy cups

The weirdest, craziest and the newest gadget among the current facebook-gadgets is the Beer Buddy Cup. It holds a technically small but a great secret as each cup is equipped with a Facebook-integrated little computer chip (High-Tech Chip Technology), a red LED light, and a QR-Code. This QR-Code is attached at the bottom of the cup, and the cup is linked with the Facebook profile of its owner through an app on the smartphone. So once your cup tinkles with another buddy cup, the invisible computer chip automatically makes you and another person friends on Facebook. Finally the integrated LED light flashes once the Facebook friendship is confirmed. Now the Disco Club or Bar visitors can connect themselves via facebook with their Buddy-Cups and you can now add strangers as new friends on Facebook while getting drunk in the bar. 🙂 Long live the internet friendships.!!

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