Matt Bray dancing in 100 different places

The Dance in 100 Different Places By Matt Bray

Matt Bray has a very special bucket list of his own. Learning dances of different styles is also written on his list that contains everything matt wants to achieve in his life. Almost a year ago his “Project One Life” went viral by his ultimate 100 days video, in which he did Napolean Dynamite dance with exceptional choreography.

Wearing different clothes, showing different moods, doing different dance moves but just a single song: “Just Dance” by Jamiroquai. The already famous Youtube star has now created yet another crazy project in which he does the same dance routine in 100 different places and the end result is truely fascinating and epic.

The Dance in 100 Different Places By Matt Bray : Video

This epic video will tell you how perfectly the editing is done and how many hours of tough editing work is put in making this viral video. This guy Bray is totaly inovative, nobody ever thought of doing dance moves on different locations like him.

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