The First Windows 8 Hack: The VUPEN Breaks Microsoft Windows 8 and IE 10

Windows 8 Hacks

The First Windows 8 Hack: The French IT security company VUPEN says it has broken Microsoft’s latest and important security features and claims to have the first hacks for the new operating system Windows 8. The company claims to have developed a 0-day exploit for Windows 8 and Internet explorer 10, by chaining several errors and multiple undisclosed flaws together and applied the malicious code to the system via specially prepared websites.

The First Windows 8 Hack: (Details)

VUPEN allegedly tricking the most important security measures of Windows 8 with his hacks and even bypasses the sandbox mode of Internet Explorer 10. Now the  microsoft is left alone insecure and the VUPEN says that they found the exploits themselves and do not plan to publish information about this windows 8 vulnerability – but VUPEN will sell their hacks instead.

The Vupen company finds exploits in popular software from leading technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google, only to sell the details to governments around the world and various other parties willing to offer Big Cash.The Vupen workers are no ordinary Hackers, they just sell their knowledge to intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Now the Microsft is already thinking to patch this windows 8 flaw soon.

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