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ultimate urban

Change is the only constant. As time passes by, one expects everything to change for the better. Technological advancements bring in concepts that seem surreal at the outset but very soon these become the reality of our lives.

Public transportation has taken many leaps of technology over the years. The latest concept that holds the potential of transforming the landscape of public transport comes by the moniker the Ultimate Urban.

Science behind the concept

This concept is based on swarm robotics, the field that seeks to bring swarm intelligence, as visible in the case of insects, into play in robotics. The concept visualizes the use of the existing underground rail tunnels. The individual units, termed poxels, may seat one, two or four people. The length of a one-seater poxel is 1.5 meters. As many as eight poxels can fit into the narrowest of tunnels meant for rail transport. The circular space is used to the optimum. Each poxel provides for an interface that lists the destinations. The in-built projector allows the passengers to have a look at the route being followed. Poxels heading towards the same destination form temporary physical connections. This works on two counts. It reduces the air resistance on individual units and also brings into picture the fuel efficiency of a public transport system. In keeping with the modern times, the poxel comes with Internet connectivity and a keyboard.


Benefits it brings

The individual entities are fully functional independent units but these work in sync to reduce the amount of work. This is the USP of the product. Efficiency also comes into play. Public transport systems tend to be overburdened in the rush hour while the business through the day remains lean. This concept tries to present a solution to the problem. It ensures the use of poxels as per need. The resources are not wasted in the form of under utilization of capacity.

Flexibility forms the core of this public transport concept. The concept blends the comfort of a personal car with the interdependent nature of public transport. The use of resources remains in check while the people do not have to stop at every other station that comes en route. Travel time is thus significantly reduced. In addition, the concept envisions the implementation of different speed levels. Therefore, all the people using the public transport system are not bound by a uniform speed for everyone. The Internet connectivity and keyboard are an added advantage. Professionals like to make good use of their travel time. Connectivity for interaction and collaboration while one is on the move, even while using the public transport system, is a novel idea. It serves to meet an indispensable need of our times.

In an era where people have innumerable alternatives at their disposal in every domain, a public transport system that caters to individual needs is indeed welcome. This holds a chance of finding favor even with the people who are currently not using the public transport system owing to the many deficiencies that come with a shared mode of transport.

Courtesy: IdoBaruchin

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