The Google Self-Driving Car : Google is to start building its own friendly driverless car

Fully autonomous driving has always been the goal of our project, because we think this could improve road safety and help lots of people who can’t drive.

We’re now developing prototypes of vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves—just push a button and they’ll take you where you want to go! We’ll use these vehicles to test our software and learn what it will really take to bring this technology into the world.

The Google Self-Driving Car:

This two-seater car has just a stop-go button but no controls, no Pedals and no Steering Wheel. It will be powered by electricity and could go about 161 Kilometers before next charging and its top speed will be 40 Km/hour.

google's Driverless cars

Sergey Brin is the co-founder of Google, he told about his first ride with this car, “It reminded me of catching a chairlift by yourself, a bit of solitude I found really enjoyable.”

Just imagine these google self-driving Cars lined up in your city center and all you have to do is to put your credit card in this car’s slot, tell it where you want to go, sit back, drink a warm cup of coffee and relax. No doubt, with this car Google has just entered into the future with their new Google self-driving car.

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