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What Are The Most Dangerous Search Keywords On The Internet?

Dangerous google search keywords

Anyone looking for popular topics on the Internet, often ends up on websites with malicious codes and contents. Those who want to be informed about current political events, entertainment and games, are at risk. Words such as “Rihanna”, “Barack Obama”, “free”, “Jonas Brothers” and “Work from Home” are high on the list of the most dangerous search keywords and terms, that are summarized by the McAfee antivirus specialists in their report.

With the utmost probability you get web links that lead to virus-contaminated sites. A high risk of infection with malicious software is possible only by visiting these sites just once. An effective antivirus scanner will protect against the worst malicious programs, but still one must not provoke them (malicious programs) into a course of action.

You may get confused if you just take a look at the upper rankings of the most dangerous keywords list. Nobody can consider these search terms “work from home” or “Webkinz” as high risk google search term. The real surprise is still the number one dangerous seach keyword “Free Screensavers”.

Here is a list of the most dangerous google sarch keywods:

1. “Free screensavers” (a popular generic search query): This is the most dangerous number 1 search term at all. Although screensavers are no longer used thesedays, but they are still popular. Some folks also look for the keyword ” Free Wallpapers” using google seach engine, and as a result land on the Virus-Polluted websites.

2. “Free Games and free game cheats” : The youngsters and kids are always looking for such entertainment on internet but the search for free games on the net is not completely harmless.

3. “Work from Home”: Making money by working from the comfort of home is becoming more and more popular thesedays. Anyone who looks for corresponding “work from home” jobs on the internet, unfortunately gets the search results of hundreds of conatiminated and virus-infected websites.

4. “Free music downloads” : It is the number 1 search term for an average risk. If you are looking for things starting with word “Free”, you are engaging in a very risky cyber behavior.

5. “Rihanna” : Rihanna is currently one of the most popular singers in the United States. Searching for her with the keyword “Rihanna” will bring you to the websites that are fully conaminated with viruses, Trojans and keyloggers. So you are at risk.

6. “Webkinz” : An online site for free games, which is often sought after. Similar to the point 2 of this list, it is a very dangerous keyword as well.

7. “Powerball” : A very popular lottery in America.

8. “Smartphones” or “Phones” : Anyone looking for these devices on the internet, gets a bundle of infected-websites that you better not visit.

9. “Twilight”: Even those who want to find out about this vampire film series, often land on contaminated sites and become victims of these malwares and viruses.

10. “Barrack Obama”: Anyne who looks for the U.S. President on the internet is playing with maximum dangers and risks.

11. “Free Downloads” and “Free Ringtones” : These keywords put more than 25 percent of Web surfers in harm’s way of malicious software, commonly known as “malware”.


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