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The Oldest & Very First YouTube-Video Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

youtube first ever videoThe oldest and very first Youtube-video is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The YouTube Co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded a 18 seconds long clip with an unimpressive title “me at the zoo” on the video platform. The date was 23rd April 2005 and the time 08:27 PM, Titled “Me At The Zoo”, was the very first video that has ever been posted on a video sharing platform. Jawed Karim founded the company Youtube with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

In this video Jawed Karim, standing in front of the elephant enclosure at San Diego Zoo says this, “Cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really really long, um, trunks. And that’s cool, And that’s pretty much all there is to say.”

Watch The Oldest & Very First YouTube-Video below:

YouTube now has over a billion registered users who view about four billion videos daily. With over two billion clicks, the “Gangnam Style” by Korean Rapper “Psy” is the most viewed clip of all time. And the few minutes time thatt you just took to read my this very post, about another 300 to 600 hours of new video footage on YouTube has already been uploaded. Amazing!! Isn’t it? Youtube’s estimated revenue for the year 2014 was cool and solid 4 Billion US Dollars, soaring high. Around 50% of the youtube’s traffic comes from mobile devices. The very first video “Me at the Zoo” has counted over 19 million clicks/views till date. The very first comment posted by the user “COBALTGRUV” was “interesting…”

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Congratulations to youtube on its 10th anniversary. Live long and keep sharing.!!

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