The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case : Against Mobile Phone Snatchers

yellow jacket iPhone Case

If there is someone who is trying to attack the owner of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S physically, could become the victim of a 650.000 volt electric shock in the near future. This horrible shock comes from a smartphone cover that is the Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case with an additional battery. So the people in Karachi will not become the victim of the mobile phone robbers easily. This iPhone case will not only provide security to your mobile phone but it will also save you from the barbaric and cruel attack of a mobile phone snatcher.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case: (Video Below)

Karachi is a city where eveyday hundreds of mobile phones owners are threatened and their mobile devices are snatched at gun point. This is a very good news for those victims because now they have a weapon in their hands in the form of a mibile phone. All you have to do is to press the small button on that case whenever you are attacked and ordered by a snatcher to hand over your mobile phone immediately to him and you will see that the snatcher will fall down on all fours with the 650.000 volt electric shock and run away. The built-in battery in this iPhone case will not only give a powerful electric shock to the attacker and knock him down but it will also provide your mobile-phone 20 additional hours of battery life after only one-time battery charge and this way your iPhone will get maximum battery power.

This project will be financed via crowdfunding. The estimated cost will be $ 100 and probably $ 15 for international shipping.

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