Otonaroid and Kodomoroid

Human or humanoid ? These Newscasters Are Robots

Difficult to believe – but these two women in the video are not real people. They are robots and belong to a museum in Tokyo-Japan. The other museum visitors can even talk to them. One of the robot can recite news and weather reports. Her name is Kodomoroid and she is capable of reading the news without stumbling once and recite complex tongue-twisters glibly 100% error-free. The robots meant to anticipate a time when androids are so lifelike that humans may have difficulty distinguishing them.

Mr. Hiroshi Ishiguro who is Japanese robotics expert and professor at Osaka university says these Ultra-Realistic newscaster robots will be useful for research on what differentiates the person from the machine and on how people interact with robots. He told the press reporters that, “Making androids is about exploring what it means to be human, examining the question of what is emotion, what is awareness, what is thinking.”

Ishiguro recently showed a robot named “Pepper” that looks  like C-3PO in Star Wars which will sell for only less than 2,000 $. Ishiguro proudly informs that “Robots are now becoming affordable – no different from owning a laptop. We will have more and more robots in our lives in the future.”

Otonaroid and KodomoroidOtonaroid (Right side ) and Kodomoroid (Left) are female-announcer-robots who are looking happy with Hiroshi Ishiguro, a japenese robotics expert (2nd left), and Chief Executive Director Mamoru Mohri (2nd right) of Mamoru Mohr National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo- Japan.

Detailed video about World’s first Ultra-Realistic Newscaster Robots Otonaroid and Kodomoroid and their Technique:

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