online in 60 seconds

This All Happens in Just 60 Seconds

online in 60 seconds
Internet is a whole world, which brings together hundreds of millions of users around the planet Earth. They are connected to each other using different mediums of communication. Have you ever pondered and wondered what happens in one minute on the Internet regarding the amount of data we create and exchange? well, one minute is too short to be taken seriously but its more astonishing to know about what take place during this time in the whole world.

Hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed, thousands of litres of beer are drunk and Billions of dollars are spent for different purposes. Even in the world of IT there is intense activity going on and lots of stuff happens all the time. The numbers are really staggering looking at what happens online each and every minute. I will share an info-graphic that shows exactly what happens in 60 seconds on the internet.

This all happens in just 60 seconds : (Click to enlarge)

online in 60 seconds

For example , this infographic shows that Facebook users shared 684,478 pieces of content in 60 seconds. More than 48,000 apps per minute are downloaded in iTunes. The Whatsapp users sent 347.222 Pics to each other during the same time period and on the youtube-dedicated-servers new video material is uploaded to the extent of 72 hours in just 60 seconds and more than 4 million search queries are performed in the google search engines per minute. The twitter users tweet 277.000 times in one minute. By the year 2015, the number of devices connected to the internet is expected to reach twice that of the global population, and it will take us 5 years to watch all the video content that is shared across the internet in just a single second.

The data collection platform Domo has revealed more exciting details on their inforgraphic I have shared above. These new and interesting forms of sharing are delivering a sense of connectivity and integration among the people, adding new value to their activities and their lives. This all shows that  the internet is insanely busy and we all waste loads and loads of time online everyday.

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