Time to leave Earth, Hawking urges human to move to Moon or Mars

(Web Desk) – Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking has called for an immediate execution of ‘Plan B’ for the survival of humans. He believes that it is time to leave the Earth and move the Moon or Mars if the human race wishes to survive and live for another million years.

He urged the United States as well as other countries to start sending astronauts to Moon and Mars. He said astronauts should be sent to Moon by 2020 and Mars by 2025 for the survival of human beings. The British physicist advised to continue the space programme in order to ‘elevate humanity’ and give a new purpose for living. While talking to the Starmus Festival in Norway, he said, “I hope it would unite competitive nations in a single goal, to face the common challenge for us all.”

Hawking has previously highlighted the dangers faced by Earth. He opined that the Earth will either be struck by an asteroid or come so close to Sun that it melts down. There is no long term future of humans on Earth and the search of a new home in distant universe is necessary, according to him. While talking to BBC News, he said, “A new space programme would excite youth and stimulate interest in astrophysics and cosmology.”

He warned about the hazards of climate change and decrease of natural resources like oil, gas and minerals to sustain the skyrocketing population on earth. To survive for millions of years to come, human need to find a new home in the shape of another planet or moon. This is necessary to save the human beings, according to Hawking.

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