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How To Improve Your Phone’s Battery Life

The Smartphone’s battery life is very important to its user. Smartphones perform and promise a lot. But, unfortunately, their battery often gets worn out, weaken and runs down much too early, this happens usualy during an important conversation and the battery runs down suddenly. This is quite annoying, but avoidable because few tricks can help save electricity and extend the performance of your smartphone’s battery.

1. Adjust your Screen’s brightness level, consider settings to Automatic. Adjust the settings to where you know that its good during the day and night too and that will help you with your battery life.

2. Turn “Sleep” On to a Faster interval.

The other thing you can do is, make the settings in such a way that your phone shift to the sleep mode quicker so, that be in a minute you might set the 15 seconds or something like that.

3. Turn off some of your notifications to Social Media

The next thing you can do is that you go eliminate notifications from your facebook and some of your other social media programs like twitter.

4. Turn off all Antennas you are not using. GPS , WIFI and Bluetooth are killers.

A nice tip that a lot of people do is, turn off any antennas you don’t need like GPS or Bluetooth or WiFi because those all really drain your battery a lot. And you know its not neccessary to have those on all the time.

5. Minimize the gadgets you are connected with. Hotspots, other Bluetooth devices etc.

One more thing you can do to save your battery’s life is, minimize the gadgets that you are connected with. The more things that you send to your device, the quicker its gonna drain the battery life.

6. Say “NO” to most location access prompts

You can say NO to location requests regarding GPS, as lot of times when you buy something from a credit card or trying to process something, it asks for your location, try to say NO to those things because that just keeps pinging off GPS and using up your battery.

7. Sync Email less frequently or other social media sites

Gmail sometimes sets it up to sync every 15 minutes , but everytime it does, its using your battery so may be if you don’ need to check your email every 15 minutes, you can have that sink every hour or may be even every 30 minutes when its not so frequent.

8. Lower the volume on your phone

You can lower the volume on your phone too or you can turn down the phone’s overall volume, not just the ringer but the whole volume level. And if the phone is in your pocket, just turn off your phone’s vibrator and that will help you increase your battery life as well.

9. Keep your Phone cool. Keep out of sun if possible, Avoid running too many programs.

Your phone is hot and you feel it hot to touch, try to figure out whats making it run hot. If its hot, it will drain your battery more quickly. Check the programs and force them to stop if you don’t need them.

10. Turn your phone off , when in meetings.

You can turn your phone completely off, if you are in a church or watching a movie or you are going to a meeting and you know you don’t need to take any calls or use Airplane Mode instead of fully powering off and that will obviously save you a lot of battery power throughout the day.

Take a portable phone charger with you when you are out travelling somewhere. Its a small portable device that you can plugin with USB to your phone and you can use this to charge the battery of your iPhone, Android Phone etc. Its a very handy cool little gadget that also has a built in flash light and you can use it wherever you don’t have any access to electricity. Its a nice thing to carry around with you. It slips easily in your pocket so using these portable phone charger is a great idea. These are some of the tips to improve your phone’s battery life which will make your life easier.

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