Samsung Tizen OS

TIZEN OS : Very First Tizen Devices Coming In August

 Samsung Tizen OS

TIZEN , the alternative to google’s Android which is actively developed by twelve countries including Huawei, Samsung and Intel, is coming in August. The chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Kun-hee said clearly that Android will soon get a very serious competiion.

During the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the samsung boss announced it publicly that the first Tizen OS Smartphones are expected to hit the market as early as August or September 2013. Unlike the Firefox OS devices, Samsung wants to equip the Tizen smartphones with best top hardware.

Tizen OS is a Linux-Based operating system for mobile devices, designed for tablets, phones,  in-vehicle systems, and other touch-based devices.  It’s designed to run apps written using web technologies including Java and HTML5.

Samsung is definitely not going to dump Android OS anytime soon. But if Tizen products are commercially successful then Samsung could one day move away from Android. An Applicable and appropriate App store for Tizen will be available soon by the arrival of the very first  smartphones with thousands of Tizen apps.

More details in the video below:



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