TOP 5 Reasons Why Leaving The Facebook is Difficult For Us

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With over 750 Million users is by far Facebook  the biggest social media network website on the internet world. Ever since Facebook has came into existence it has been changing lives day after day with a continuously increasing trend.

From school kiddys to college professors and to vast number of showbiz celebrities, football stars, you name it and that person would be on Facebook. Its like no one in the world seems to be not having a Facebook account. But what puts this website aside from the rest ? The reasons maybe many and they might differ from one person to another. Lets look into the top  5 reasons why people around the world love to use Facebook, and just can’t leave it.

To make a list about Facebook is definitely not that easy, as everyone may have his own reason to use it. But let us look into some common and known reasons, of why people just simply love to use it and can’t let it go from their lives.

Top 5 Genuine Reasons : Why We Use Faecbook And Can Not Leave It


1. Where are you ? Tell Others:

Lately Facebook has started to look like a girlfriend, always asking what’s on your mind and the new application “Foursquare” asking where you at ? The importance of Facebook is now much more as we can tell and inform our friends and our network where we are. Its simple and fast to tell your location now as its at ease. Just a click and your location is sent on Facebook.

2. Awesome Friend Connectivity:

The one source where we can get together with all of our friends is Facebook. Admit it, we have more friends on Facebook than in real life. The connections for a single person have increased immensely. So in order to be in touch with all those, we need to login and see what’s going on in the social network. Its human nature to look into people’s life and see what is happening. This urge to know more makes Facebook a place to stay and not to leave, because no one wants to miss out if something interesting is going to happen.

3. Everyone is Here Why Should I Move:

There are many social media networks other than Facebook, so why don’t people move their and get the work done at those websites. Before Facebook there were MySpace, Orkut, Hi5 and many more on the internet but later on people who used these websites have lessened by a huge number. Everyone now a days uses Facebook, and its very hard to shift to another network just for the sake for it. The audience which Facebook covers is immense, everybody from the street uses it. The extreme connectivity and friend search which it provides is simply amazing. So why leave it if everyone else is on it.

4. Facebook Pages and Groups:

By far the most important feature for a lot of people would be the Pages and Groups they own, run or are connected with. There are so many people out there who use Facebook pages for their business or for some other reason. Lots of famous celebrities whether they are from sports, music or any other area are using Faecebook pages to connect with their fans.

5. Let Me Play My Games:

One of the most important factors why Facebook is addicted and hard to leave is the super game collection it has. There are like thousands of games from which you can play. Games like Cityville, Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz , Mafia Wars and others are played by millions of people. Now how can one leave a game which involves all friends and family. This is Facebook’s high plus point, which makes it almost impossible to even log out from their. Games I play the most has to be Bejeweled Blitz, if you don’t play it then do check it out.

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