Use Tor Browser Bundle To Surf Anonymously And Protect Your Online Privacy

Tor Borwser BundleYour online privacy is under attack, when you are surfing the internet. Your inetrnet activities are tracked from all sides, by your ISP, advertising industry, Hackers, intelligence agencies and the governments around the world. They are very much interested in knowing what are your intentions and what are you up to when you surf the internet. But if you are looking for a solution to stay anonymous while surfing the web, then the Onion Tor Brwoser Bundle is what you actually need.

With the Tor brwoser bundle, you will get a Firefox in the ESR Version, which is perfectly secured through integrated plugins and automatically connects to the Tor Network and routes your web traffic via encrypted layers and privacy-enhancing browser extensions to conceal the root and origin of your traffic.

The Tor Browser Bundle can be set up very easily. All you need to do is run the EXE file, set the language and follow the installation instructions that appear on your screen. The Installation process takes not more than a minute. A window pops up after the installation is completed, And there you need to choose the basic settings. If you are using proxy, then you need to select “Configure” otherwise just a single click on “Connect” is enough to start with Tor Bundle browser. Another click on “Test Tor Network settings” will clarify you that all is working perfectly.

You can download it below directly from Tor Project website.

Download Tor Browser Bundle to increase your anonymity online

Tor Browser Bundle To Surf Anonymously : Video Guide


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