Turbo Services Manager: Now Manage Windows Services More Effectively

Turbo Service manager

As you know that services are an integral part of the Windows operating system. Most of them are critical, and disabling the wrong services can lead to broken functionality or even an operating system that is not starting up anymore.

Software Company Turboirc released a tiny but great software called Turbo Services Manager. It’s a 123k (311k for the 64-bit version) portable application that performs all of the msc’s functions and more. A very nice application that mimics services.msc but with a lot of features below:

  • Save/Load state in XML.
  • Enable/Disable/Startup/Manual/Stop/Pause/Resume in multiple selected services at once with one key press.
  • Group by State or by Startup type.
  • Shows parent and child services.
  • Win32/Kernel services.
  • Test load, tells you changes that would have been applied if you load a state.
  • Selects all services depending on a service or vice versa.
  • Available for x86 and x64.
  • Vista aware, doesn’t run without administrator privileges.
  • Runs under Windows 7.
  • Automatic updates.

turbo services manager

The main display shows the name, state, dependencies, startup type, and description of your Windows services. You can even uninstall a service, something that I find extremely useful on the poor, old Pentium 3 rigs that someone’s buddy pushed and prodded through a full XP install.

There’s even an option to do a “test load,” which simulates what would’ve happened if you actually applied the changes you made. TSM also lets you save states to an XML file, which is a painless way to apply service settings on multiple machines. Nice! Turbo Services Manager is freeware, and is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system Microsoft Windows.

Download Turbo Service Manager Here

Warning: This tool is dangerous and you can easily prevent your PC from working if you do not know what you are doing.

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